Armed/Unarmed Security
We take a professional approach to uniformed security. Beginning with our high hiring standards, we pride ourselves with providing only the best security personnel. We focus on only hiring individuals that have either law enforcement or military experience or an extensive security background. We set ourselves apart from the other companies by not just providing a “warm body” but by having a proactive approach and experienced personnel.

Commercial Security
Allpoints features commercial and retail security services that are custom designed to fit your exact commercial security needs. We target social crimes prevention such as graffiti, trespassing, shoplifting and vandalism. Our guards provide a high visibility deterrent to these types of crimes. We couple standing guards with foot patrols, car patrols where appropriate.

Event Security
Allpoints offers event security for all types of private or public events. Our event security is designed to allow your guests to have the time of their lives in an ordered yet festive environment. Whether a small intimate event such as a wedding, a large-scale concert style event or anything in between, we have varying levels of security available

Personal Protection
Whether an executive, entertainer, athlete or a public official, individuals exposed to a high degree of risk need a high degree of protection. Allpoints provides personal protection services that keep people safe from the threats of danger that come along with high profiles. Our security professionals protect celebrities, political figures, corporate executives and other elevated-risk individuals with the highest levels of experience and security expertise. We are committed to protecting our clients with unparalleled service.

Residential Security
Residential security is complex, and Allpoints offers comprehensive residential security services that are customized to meet the needs of each client and their unique properties. We offer technology that offers real-time reporting so that residents can report problems directly to us via an online application or by telephone. We provide services to:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • HOA’s (Homeowner’s Association)
  • Gated Communities

Threat Assessments
Whether you have security in place or want to find ways to provide better security let our professionals show you how. Our threat assessment agents have long and extensive law enforcement backgrounds and have done real-world threat assessments.

Workplace Violence Security
We provide free workplace assessments as part of our proactive approach to our clients, with no obligation of service commitment. We would rather first discuss the concerns with you and determine if there is a need for services so that you are fully informed. Workplace violence is a very serious concern and we want our clients to feel safe. Let us know how we can help with your needs.